World’s First Incisionless Transoral Intragastric Surgical Workshop Held in Brussels

Redmond, Washington – June 6, 2007 - "EndoGastric Solutions, the world leader in endoluminal intragastric surgery, announces that The European School of Laparoscopic Surgery held the first workshop in the world dedicated to transoral intragastric surgery on June 4, 2007. During the one-day workshop, leading experts including co-directors Professor Guy-Bernard Cadière, Chief of Surgery at Saint Pierre University Hospital in Brussels and Dr. Jacques Himpens, Chief of Obesity Surgery at Sint Blasius Hospital in Dendermonde, performed 5 live transoral cases for an audience of 120 physicians and medical professionals using the EsophyX and StomaphyX devices."

"The EsophyX ELF (EndoLuminal Fundoplication) procedure is designed to achieve similar results for GERD as with Nissen Fundoplication but through a 100% transoral and incisionless approach. StomaphyX™ is a transoral fastener delivery system indicated for tissue approximation and ligation in the GI tract. Both devices are built on EndoGastric Solutions’ platform technology which enables physicians to deploy an unlimited number of fasteners with a single insertion.
'This workshop was the first opportunity where surgeons and gastroenterologists could review the treatment of reflux and other diseases using new minimally invasive techniques,' said Dr. Jacques Himpens.

'The success of this workshop has exceeded our expectations,' said Professor Guy-Bernard Cadière. 'There is a rapidly growing interest with surgeons and gastroenterologists in the transoral technique because they recognize that transoral surgery is the future.'
'This is a major advance in the evolution of surgery. With the introduction of laparoscopic or keyhole surgery morbidity was diminished compared to open surgery by reducing the size of incisions,' stated Professor Cadière, who with Dr. Himpens performed the first laparoscopic surgery for obesity in 1992. 'We believe that incisionless surgery by transoral access will further reduce morbidity. The preliminary results look promising for both transoral antireflux surgery and obesity surgery,' said Professor Cadière.

'The key for success in these new technologies is the close cooperation between the surgeon and the gastroenterologist working together for the benefit of the patient,' said Professor Michel Cremer, Brussels, a pioneer in the field of interventional gastroenterology and endotherapy. 'Reflux patients and gastroenterologists have searched for years for an alternative solution to treat reflux other than pharmaceuticals or traditional surgery. This is the first time an incisionless approach has been available that mimics the results of surgery.' 'We are very pleased with the results,' said Thierry Thaure, EndoGastric Solutions’ President and Chief Executive Officer. 'Surgical workshops are a great vehicle to demonstrate how our product can be used by advanced laparoscopic surgeons. We anticipate launching similar programs in the US in the near future.'"

Published Wednesday, June 6, 2007 1:00 pm
by Jason Thompson

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